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California woman sues city for sexual harassment

A graduate of San Diego State University is suing the city of Carlsbad for sexual harassment and gender discrimination after she was forced to resign from her firefighter position without explanation.

The 28-year old was the first female to be admitted into the program in Carlsbad, and was almost done with her probationary period when she was told she had to resign or face termination. She chose to resign in order to still be able to work in another city. There was no explanation given to the woman, and she believes that gender discrimination was the reason why she was told to leave.

During her training, the woman mentioned several accounts of sexual harassment coming from former co-workers, including crude shower comments. She is now employed in Santa Cruz as a paramedic making much less than her potential earnings as a firefighter. She is suing the city of Carlsbad for $2 million to account for lost wages as well as sexual harassment and discrimination.

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