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Man denied workers’ comp because of Facebook pics

An appellate court judge in Arkansas recently upheld a district court’s decision to deny an extension of workers’ compensation because photos posted on social networking websites Facebook and MySpace were evidence that the worker was no longer hindered by his injury.

The claimant began receiving workers’ compensation because a refrigerator fell on top of him while he was working for an appliance and furniture retail store. The accident caused him to suffer a hernia, which–3 years later– he claimed continued to cause him “excruciating pain.”

In the man’s trial for an extension on workers’ compensation, his employer’s defense attorneys presented pictures of him partying that they found online, arguing that the pictures made it clear that he had recovered from the work-related injury. The judge ruled in favor of the defendant and denied the extension.

The decision was appealed, but ultimately upheld by Arkansas Court of Appeals judge David Glover.  “We find no abuse of discretion in the allowance of the photographs, [the claimant] contended that he was in excruciating pain, but these pictures show him drinking and partying,” stated Glover.

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