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Correlation between drunk driving accidents and wineries found in California

There are 3,364 wineries in the state of California. These wineries account for 44 percent of all wineries throughout the United States. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there is a direct correlation between drunk driving accidents and the location of wineries.

A spokesperson for the office relayed data regarding this correlation. The data shows that Napa County is ranked 9th out of 58 counties in California when it comes to drunk driving related accidents. The ranking is based on several statistics including the number of miles that are logged in that county. The city of Napa sees even more alcohol-related fatalities than the county.

Several of the wineries that are located throughout the state offer free wine samples to visitors. These samples can add up over time, and if a designated driver is not present in a group of individuals who have been consuming wine, drunk driving may be the result. Amador County was ranked third out of the 58 counties in regards to drunk driving accidents. This county has several vineyards, and there are not that many urban roads. The county is largely comprised of rural roads that often only have one lane.

It is important to designate a driver before attending a vineyard in the state of California. Drunk driving accidents can be severe, and can cause someone to suffer a life-altering injury, or even lose their life. If you were the victim of a drunk driving accident, please contact the drunk driving accident lawyers of Ritter & Associates by calling 619-296-0123 today.

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