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Teenager dies after drinking two Monster energy drinks

California resident Paula Morris is suing Monster Beverage Corp. for wrongful death, product liability, negligence, and fraudulent concealment after her 19-year-old son Alex died of a heart attack after ingesting their product.

Morris is suing the makers of Monster Energy drinks because the drinks supposedly contained “massive amounts of caffeine,” which can cause a host of health problems including but not limited to heart arrhythmia. Furthermore, she said that the manufacturers hid the risks associated with drinking its products through assertions in advertisements and promotions that their drinks are safe.

According to the autopsy report, the teenager died due to “cardiac arrhythmia due to cardiomyopathy.”

Morris added that “had Monster properly disclosed and warned of the significant risk of suffering adverse cardiac episodes” if one exposes oneself to too much of their product, then her son would not have drunk two Monster Energy drinks every day for three years.


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