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Lawsuit filed in FedEx truck, bus crash

A lawsuit has been filed in regards to the fatal collision that took place on April 29th on Interstate 5 between a FedEx bus and a school bus hired by Dorsey High School to carry students to visit Humboldt State University.

The lawsuit was filed against FedEx Corp. and FedEx Freight, Inc., claiming that the companies had been negligent in regards to training drivers, operating vehicles, and disciplining their drivers, and are therefore liable for the crash that killed five people, including Jennifer Bonilla, a high school student and the daughter of the plaintiff, Rosa Bonilla.

The suit notes that FedEx trucks have a history of catching on fire for a variety of reasons, and that the company has done nothing to remedy this problem. The lawsuit also names the estate of the bus driver, 32-year-old Elk Grove resident Timothy Paul Evans, and the bus company, Silverado Stages.


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