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Monsanto ordered to pay $45.6M in personal injury lawsuit

St. Louis, Missouri-based biotechnology corporation Monsanto Co. was ordered to pay $45.6 million to three people who allegedly contracted cancer because Monsanto negligently mishandled toxic polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB).

The three people claimed they ingested the PCB throughout the course of daily life by consuming food, drinking liquids, or breathing the air that contained traces of the chemical. Steven Kherkher, the plaintiff’s legal counsel, said there was plenty of evidence that led to the decision against Monsanto, noting, “The jury saw right through Monsanto’s misrepresentation. It was just that the facts and evidence were overwhelming.”

Monsanto spokeswoman Charla Lord said the company has “deep sympathy” for the plaintiffs, but the company will appeal the verdict because “the evidence simply does not support yesterday’s verdict, including the fact that scientists say more than 90% of non-Hodgkins lymphoma cases have no known cause.” Monsanto stopped making PCBs in 1977.

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