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Bicycle Accidents

Across the United States, bicycles are growing in popularity as a main type of transportation. Not only do bicycles give people the ease of maneuvering through heavy traffic and finding an easy parking spot, they are also beneficial for the environment and a great form of exercise. Unfortunately, however, riding a bicycle can be dangerous, especially around other vehicles. In fact, tens of thousands of bicyclists are injured every year in the U.S., and statistics show that a bicyclist dies in an accident every six hours.

If you have suffered in a cycling accident because of someone else’s reckless actions, you may be eligible for financial compensation from the party at fault. To learn more about your legal options following a bicycle accident, contact a San Diego injury attorney of Ritter & Associates today at (619) 296-0123 and schedule your consultation.

Causes of Cycling Accidents

In many cases, bicycle accidents occur when drivers in motor vehicles act carelessly and fail to respect the rights of cyclists sharing the road. This negligence can result in devastating accidents. Common types of dangerous driving behavior that can lead to cycling accidents include:

  • Turning in front of a bicyclist
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Not checking both ways before pulling out on the road
  • Not yielding to bicyclists at intersections or crosswalks

Bicycle accidents can result in serious physical, mental, and even financial harm for the victims. However, you may be eligible to fight for the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and other expenses.

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If you have been hurt in a cycling accident due to an irresponsible driver, let us help you hold the careless motorist legally accountable for his or her actions while you focus on your recovery. For more information, contact a San Diego accident attorney of Ritter & Associates at (619) 296-0123 today.

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