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Causes of Lacerations in Pool Accidents

Seasonal swimming can be a great recreational activity for children and adults alike, and most swimming activities are healthy and fun. Unfortunately, sometimes the pool entertainment can cause a person to sustain injuries, like lacerations. These injuries typically occur because a pool area is not safely maintained by its owner, allowing safety concerns to persist.

Ranging from minor to severe, lacerations can be, nonetheless, a problem to death with. Fortunately, when a laceration occurs at a San Diego pool, a victim may be able to get compensation from the pool owner or manager, something our team at Ritter & Associates knows is often necessary.

How Lacerations Occur

A laceration is a medical term for a cut or scrape. Of course, depending on the circumstances of one’s laceration, the pain and injury involved might vary extensively. Some of the most common causes of lacerations include:

  • Falling on uneven or slipper pavement
  • Striking the edge of a pool, generally a sharp edge
  • Hurting oneself of the surrounding landscape of a pool
  • Falling on a ladder or step-stool for the pool
  • Cutting oneself of the rocks in or near the pool
  • Hitting one’s head on the diving board

All of these accidents can result in a serious laceration. But even if a cut is minor, one might still be entitled to financial compensation if it turns out that a property owner was negligent in maintaining the pool in safe conditions.

Contact a Swimming Pool Accident Attorney in San Diego

Lots of people swim in the San Diego area, and our lawyers at Ritter & Associates believe that it’s important for pool owners to take responsibility for their properties. If you have been injured in a pool accident and have lacerations to show for it, call (619) 296-0123 to learn more about your options.

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