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Collecting From Defendants Who Cannot Pay

When an individual pursues legal action against another party for negligence which resulted in injury, that person, the plaintiff, may be awarded financial compensation by a jury or through a settlement reached with the defendant and defendant’s counsel. Despite this apparent success, there are frequently instances in which the ordered or agreed payments are not made to the plaintiff. Fortunately, there are enforcement methods available to assist in the effort to recover these monies.

If you have not received payments pursuant to the terms of a settlement or court order, a skilled and experienced attorney can help you to ensure that a defendant does not evade his or her obligation to you. Contact the San Diego personal injury lawyers of Ritter & Associates by calling (619) 296-0123 today to discuss the circumstances of your situation with a knowledgeable and committed legal advocate.

Getting Financial Compensation

If the defendant in your case cannot afford to pay for any reason, you need not panic. Other methods by which you might be able to obtain the financial compensation that you were to receive include:

  • In some cases you can garnish up to 25 percent of the defendant’s wages, provided that he or she is not below the poverty line
  • Levied bank accounts
  • Negotiating an alternative payment plan according to which the defendant can make payments over time

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It is important that you are aware of your legal rights as you seek to recover unpaid compensation. Contact the San Diego personal injury lawyers of Ritter & Associates at (619) 296-0123 for the assistance that you require.

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