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Negligence Involving Children

An individual’s negligence can sometimes result in serious injury or even death of those involved. When an individual fails to act with due care when a child is involved, the consequences placed upon the negligent individual can be quite significant.

Parental Liability

In situations involving the parents of children involved in negligent activity, most are not liable for their children’s actions; for example, many children are aware of their actions and go against the regard of their parents. However, there are three cases in which they would be held accountable for the harm of their children. Such instances include the following:

  • If a child was acting as their parent’s agent;
  • If a child received permission from a parent to perform such actions;
  • Or if the parent did not exert proper authority or supervision over their child

Such cases listed above can transfer the degree of negligence from the child to their respective parent.

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