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Operative Dentistry Errors

Oral surgery is a field which encompasses a broad range of surgical procedures, from removal procedures such as wisdom teeth removals to complex implant procedures designed to install mounts for prosthetics. The most advanced of these procedures are usually handled by specially trained peridontsits and maxillofacial surgeons who are members of the Academy of Operative Dentistry.  These individuals tend to have more direct and focused skill sets than general dentistry practitioners.

These surgeons owe an extensive duty of care to their patients, and are expected to take great care in the work in order to protect the patient from the wide array of risks that oral surgery can pose. All surgeries are inherently dangerous, and oral implants especially are risky procedures which have a nearly 10% acceptable risk of failure. While many of these complications are known risks which the patient is informed of and accepts going into the surgery, there are variety of failures in diligence and execution which can lead to preventable injuries that can and should be attributed to the negligence of the surgeon.

Potential Injuries

When undertaking a complex dental surgery such as the installation of oral implants, the surgeon is expected to take full advantage of available technologies such as panoramic x-rays and CT scans to create a complete understanding of the patients oral structure before moving forward with the placement of permanent implants which require mounting directly to the bones of the jaw and skull. Failure to do their due diligence in preparation for surgery which results in an error during the procedure is not an acceptable risk for the patient, and liability for the resulting expenses can be assigned to the negligent surgeon.

Damage to the nerve tissue in the teeth and jaws of the patient is another common error, and one that all too often results in permanent injury to the victim. Nerve tissue cannot be regenerated, and nerves which are damaged or severed in the process of a restorative oral surgery can leave the patient with extreme pain or in other cases permanent loss of sensation in the teeth, cheeks, or other areas of the mouth. Sinus damage can also result from careless actions while drilling or making incisions for a surgical procedure. An Imperial Beach personal injury lawyer of Ritter & Associates is ready to provide legal advice to those who have suffered sinus damage following a restorative oral surgery procedure.

In some cases, carelessness during dental surgery can result in catastrophic damage to healthy teeth, necessitating their removal. As any patient in need of maxillofacial surgery can attest, there is no substitute for your real and original teeth, and the unnecessary removal of healthy teeth represents a serious loss which demands compensation.  As such, our Chula Vista personal injury lawyer recommends that those facing this difficult situation contact an experienced attorney immediately to discuss their legal options.

What You Can Do

In circumstances like those listed above, a skilled and experienced San Diego personal injury attorney can help establish the negligence of your surgeon and help you to obtain compensation for your losses. Added medical expenses, loss of quality of life, and extreme pain and suffering are all common claims in an oral surgery lawsuit, and having the right legal representation can mean the difference between a favorable settlement and being forced to pay for another party’s negligence. To learn more about your legal options, contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer today.

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