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What You Should Do After a Tire Blowout

When you get inside your car, you trust that every component of the vehicle will work to get you to your destination safely. Unfortunately – whether from faulty design or manufacturing – your vehicle could malfunction during transit and potentially cause serious injuries. When tires are not properly designed or put together, they could potentially burst and cause your vehicle to spin out of control, putting you at risk of an accident. Luckily, you can prevent an accident in the event of a tire blowout by taking swift and appropriate action.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident because of a tire blowout and you feel it was caused by a faulty product, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation for any damages you may have sustained. Contact the San Diego personal injury lawyers of Ritter & Associates today at (619) 296-0123 and take control of your future.

Reacting to a Tire Blowout

By knowing how to properly respond, you can significantly reduce your risk of having an accident after a tire blowout. If you experience a tire blowout, be sure to:

  • Remain as calm as possible
  • Slowly let off the accelerator
  • Never apply pressure to the brakes. This will only cause you to lose control.
  • Steer into the skid

Following these simple steps could mean the difference between a minor mishap and a serious accident.

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If you have been injured as the result of a car accident, an experienced legal professional can help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. Contact the San Diego personal injury lawyers of Ritter & Associates today at (619) 296-0123 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

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