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San Diego Objects on Roadway Lawyer

For most people, vehicle defects and reckless drivers seem to be the primary threats to their safety on the road. However, poorly maintained roads are another major safety concern. Debris from construction sites as well as trash left on the roadway should be removed promptly, and if it is not, drivers can be put at risk of serious auto accidents.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident from objects or debris left on the roadway, you may be able to hold the negligent party at fault accountable for creating this hazardous road condition. Contact the knowledgeable San Diego objects on roadway attorneys of Ritter & Associates today at (619) 296-0123 for more information about seeking the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Common Types of Debris Left on Roadways

Objects in the roadway can cause a number of serious problems, especially on highways where vehicles are traveling at high speeds. Some of the most common objects left on roadways that could cause catastrophic accidents include the following:

  • Trash or litter from other vehicles
  • Cargo or objects that have fallen out of trucks
  • Fallen traffic signs
  • Rubber shards or tread from tire blowouts
  • Debris from construction sites

When the above objects are left in roadways, they could cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles due to either hitting the debris or swerving violently to avoid the objects.

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Suffering in an auto accident caused by objects or debris left in roadways can result in high medical bills, expensive property repair costs, and lost wages due to time away from work. However, you may be entitled to compensation for these damages. To learn more about your legal options following an accident caused by debris in the road, contact the San Diego objects on roadway lawyers of Ritter & Associates at (619) 296-0123 today.

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