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Many Americans make their careers working on the ocean, ranging from fisherman and cruise ship employees to those employed in government entities, such as the Coast Guard or Navy. However, the ocean can be a very dangerous place and numerous men and women are injured or killed each year. Unfortunately, many of these are due to negligent or careless employers who put their employees in danger unduly. In many of situations, the employees are protected in case of an accident by the Merchant Marine Act of 1920. Also known as the Jones Act, this law provides financial compensation to seamen who have been injured or even killed at sea due to negligent employers, co-workers, or “unseaworthy” ships and vessels.

If you are a seaman and have been injured while at seas as a result of your employer’s or co-worker’s negligent actions, you may have the right to take legal action and seek financial compensation. However, maritime law cases can sometimes be very complicated, often making it necessary to have the support of a qualified attorney. To learn more about how you are protected under the Jones Act, contact our San Diego Jones Act lawyers of Ritter & Associates today at (619) 296-0123.

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In order to qualify for “Seaman Status” and protection under the Jones Act, you must spend at least thirty percent of your time on a ship or vessel on the open water. Unlike normal workers’ compensation laws, the Jones Act allows seamen to recover a greater amount of compensation. If you have been injured on the open water, you can file for compensation to pay for the following damages under the Jones Act:

  • Medical care expenses
  • Lost wages from missing work
  • Emotional trauma

Seamen qualify for maintenance and treatment under the Jones Act which means the employer must pay daily stipends for medical treatment. Family members can also file for death benefits under the Jones Act if they lost a loved one at sea due to employer negligence.

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Suffering an injury or losing a loved one because of a negligent employer or co-worker’s actions can be devastating. Find out what we can do to help you in this trying time by calling our San Diego Jones Act attorneys of Ritter & Associates at (619) 296-0123 to schedule a free consultation.

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