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San Diego Asbestos Lawyer

When David Moore came into my office, he was already dying and he knew it.

What ultimately killed David was simply doing his job. Like so many shipyard, dock and factory workers over the last half-century, exposure to deadly asbestos has ruined their lives and cut them short. The tragedy continues – despite the well-documented dangers of asbestos exposure.

Even more tragic, these serious injuries and deaths have not been restricted to those who worked directly with asbestos products. Many of the wives and children of industrial workers received toxic levels of exposure from simply hugging their daddies when they came home from work or laundering their work clothes. In some areas of the country, it is difficult to find a single family that has not been adversely damaged or injured by asbestos exposures.

My client David Moore was exposed while working in the boiler rooms and the pipe rooms of U.S. Navy vessels. And he received significant exposure during his career as a supervisor in San Diego’s shipyards.

From the first day I met David we both committed to doing the best we could to fully compensate his family for the loss they were soon to suffer.  David knew we had only about six months or, at best, one year to get his case resolved or tried by jury.  Unfortunately, the corporate defendants knew this as well. Thus, their strategy was to delay and prevent a trial while David was still alive. We stopped their delaying tactics and allowed David to be heard in court.

I told the jury that David had paid the highest compliment any human being could give to a jury. He literally lived for their verdict. And if their verdict fully compensated him and his family, he would go to his grave knowing his lifework would be done. For throughout this most stressful time in his life, his most compelling reason to live was the hope that a San Diego jury would return a verdict in his favor adequate to fully compensate his family and prove to the asbestos manufacturers, retailers, and users that it was not profitable to produce products that injure, maim, and kill.

A San Diego jury returned a $2.5 million award – still the largest asbestos damage award ever returned in San Diego County.

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