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San Diego Stair Collapse Lawyers

Whether it is a residential or commercial property, premises liability laws state that property owners have an obligation to do everything in their power to prevent an accident from happening on their premises. Unfortunately, thousands of people suffer injuries every year because of negligent property owners. Stairs are a common structure found in many commercial and residential properties, and while staircases may seem safe, when they collapse, they can cause serious injuries to individuals on or near the structure.

Staircase collapses can be extremely dangerous and may result in lifelong injuries and disabilities. Sadly, many of these serious accidents could have been prevented if property owners took proper care of the structures on their property. If you were injured in a stair collapse accident, contact the San Diego stair collapse lawyers of Ritter & Associates today at (619) 296-0123 and speak with one of our qualified attorneys about your legal options.

Common Injuries from Stair Collapses

When staircases collapse, they can cause a variety of injuries that could result in severe disabilities and possibly even death. At Ritter & Associates we find it inexcusable for property owners to put innocent guests’ lives in danger by failing to properly care for structures on their premises, and want to help you fight for compensation if you have suffered any of the following in a stair collapse accident:

  • Traumatic head or brain injuries
  • Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Internal bleeding
  • Coma

When property owners act carelessly and either fail to properly build a staircase or do not make necessary repairs, they are choosing to put others at risk. It’s time to hold these people responsible.

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If you were injured in a stair collapse accident on someone else’s property, contact the San Diego stair collapse attorneys of Ritter & Associates today at (619) 296-0123 and schedule an initial consultation with our experienced lawyers today.

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