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Indications of Boating While Intoxicated

Many people head out to San Diego’s beaches to enjoy the water. A common way to enjoy the water is on boats, often in areas that are densely populated with other boats and swimmers. While consuming alcohol aboard a boat is legal, those operating boats are under the same blood alcohol restrictions that drivers of land vehicles are. Like driving, boating while intoxicated is extremely dangerous, as alcohol can severely impair a person’s judgment and reaction time. Sadly, when individuals operate a boat while intoxicated, accidents frequently happen.

There is no excuse for operating a boat while intoxicated, especially when the lives and well-being of so many others are at stake. If you or a loved one has been injured because someone else was boating while intoxicated, the individual affected may be eligible to receive financial restitution.

Common Indications of Individuals Who are Boating While Intoxicated

Like drunk drivers, those operating boats while intoxicated commonly display indicative behaviors including:

  • Speeding
  • Sharp, erratic maneuvering
  • Failure to use nighttime safety equipment

Knowing the signs that help identify intoxicated boaters can be critical in avoiding dangerous situations in San Diego waters.

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