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We've recovered over $85 Million in Verdicts & Settlements 120+ Jury Verdicts over the past 35 years Former Deputy Prosecutor $8.04 million Bus/Pedestrian Accident


$53 million – large passenger airplane crash in Iowa, killing nearly everyone on board with multiple wrongful death and personal injury claims. (Products liability).

$38 million – class-action defective drug settlement involving diet drug Fen/Phen. (Products liability)

$5 million settlement for a quadriplegic 2-year-old boy tragically injured in a Walmart purchased backyard swimming pool with a defectively designed ladder. (Products liability).

$4 million settlement – The State of Hawaii failed to mark a dangerous cliff overlook at the end of a trail. A 12-year-old boy fell 380 feet to his death from this unmarked cliff. On the last day of trial, the state settled the case, which is currently recognized as the largest settlement in the State of Hawaii for the death of a minor child. (Premises Liability, Wrongful Death)

$2.5 million jury verdict for a family of three due to mesothelioma/asbestos cancer caused by dangerous asbestos products manufactured by Owens Corning Fiberglass. The father was exposed while working on board Navy ships. This verdict remains the largest asbestos verdict ever in San Diego County. (Products liability)

$1.5 million jury verdict in a sexual harassment case against the Oceanside Police Department for a former phlebotomist who was harassed by her co-worker, a police officer with the department.

Large confidential settlement for a food worker who was requested to perform sexual misconduct by a supervisor of a large fast food restaurant. (Sexual harassment)

$3 million judgment and jury verdict in a Jones Act/maritime case for a seaman who suffered a spinal injury while removing rusted bolts on a fishing vessel. (Jones Act/Maritime)

$1.3 million jury verdict for a young woman tragically injured when struck head-on in a car collision by a partially disabled alarm truck driver who lost consciousness on the interstate highway. (Negligent truck collision)

$2.3 million settlement for a family who lost their father, when a horribly careless truck driver skidded his 18 wheeler and struck the father’s VW causing the father’s wrongful death. (Negligent truck collision)

$1.5 million judgment and jury verdict in a Jones Act/maritime case for fishermen severely injured when his leg was crushed between 2 fishing vessels at sea. (Jones Act/maritime)

$500,000 jury verdict and judgment in federal court for an oil tanker seaman severely injured when ordered to lift a “fire wire” cable. (Jones Act/maritime)

$850,000 jury verdict against the County of San Diego in a civil rights action against a deputy sheriff who beat and tortured a young man and his grandmother at their home in San Diego County. (Civil rights/police misconduct.)

$200,000 jury verdict and settlement for the mother of a 5-year-old girl who was sexually molested at a local hospital, by a male staff nurse. (Molestation and sexual harassment).

$200,000 civil rights settlement for parents of an adult son shot in the back of the head by a San Diego County Deputy Sheriff. (Civil rights/police misconduct)

$400,000 jury verdict for a woman injured in a rear end collision with a Waste Management trash truck. (Negligent truck collision)

$385,000 jury verdict for a pedestrian walking to a local library when a student driver carelessly jumped the curb and struck the pedestrian fracturing his leg. (Pedestrian collision)

$330,000 jury verdict in a land condemnation case against the State of Indiana for improperly valuing and condemning a profitable restaurant and its property. (Land condemnation)

$297,000 jury verdict for a truck driver who fell fracturing his arm at a trash collection warehouse in San Diego County. (Premises liability).

$187,000 jury verdict for a young actress struck in the head by a lead slug fired from a defective blank gun during a stage performance. (Products liability)

$110,000 jury verdict for an elderly woman who fell and fractured her arm on a defective sidewalk at her living facility. (Premises liability).

$192,000 jury verdict for an elderly woman who fell on a defective staircase during a tour of historic homes. (Premises liability).

$180,000 jury verdict for a young man who was falsely accused of theft by security guards who had stolen the young man’s wallet and used his identification to fraudulently cash checks. (Fraud/police misconduct)

Confidential settlement for a drug enforcement agent when a defectively designed gun improperly discharged striking the agent in the leg. (Products liability).

Confidential settlement against a major soft drink manufacturer when maggots were discovered in a bottle after a young mother drank the contents and became ill. (Food contamination/products liability)

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