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San Diego Wrongful Death Lawyer

Ritter and Associates: Finding Justice for Victims of Wrongful Death

To lose a loved one is devastating, but to lose them wrongfully is cruelly unjust. Our American judicial system provides an avenue for those so injured to receive justice. Attorney Dwight Ritter has taken on and won these cases for the survivors.

As the award-winning attorney says, “I do not represent insurance companies, government entities, or large corporations. In fact, I sue them and have for over 32 years on behalf of mothers, fathers, children, and other relatives who have been tragically injured. “

What distinguishes the law firm of Ritter and Associates is its experience and willingness to go to the mat to fight for its clients. Says Dwight Ritter, “We are truly well-prepared to try by jury any case we accept. Very, very, few offices in San Diego can offer that commitment. Trying a case by jury requires hard work and intense concentration. That is my specialization.”

Our broad scope of legal experience includes wrongful death and serious injury from tragedies involving everything from guns, and motor vehicles to construction and industrial accidents, to those involving pedestrians and bicycles, maritime and aviation and many more kinds of accidents resulting in the loss of life.

For more than 30 years practicing law, Dwight Ritter has earned his reputation as a compassionate but aggressive advocate for his clients. He never forgets the profound effect that catastrophic injuries have on accident victims and their families. In addition to the emotional aspects of a serious injury, he never loses his sight of the financial strain victims face — the high cost of physical rehabilitation, adaptive technology, or in-home assistance can be unmanageable.

Ritter pledges that if he takes your case, he will investigate very carefully in order to make sure that every potential defendant is identified and included in your lawsuit. More than just simple negligence actions, Ritter and Associates bring suits against responsible manufacturers, distributors or government agencies.

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The Case of David Moore

What ultimately killed David Moore was simply doing his job. Like so many shipyard, dock and factory workers over the last half-century, exposure to deadly asbestos has ruined their lives and cut them short.
Even more tragic, many of the wives and children of industrial workers received toxic levels of exposure from simply hugging their loved ones when they came home from work.

My client David Moore was exposed while working in U.S. Navy vessels. And he received significant exposure as a supervisor in San Diego’s shipyards.

From the first day I met David we both committed to doing the best we could to fully compensate his family for the loss they were soon to suffer. David knew we had only about six months to get his case resolved. Unfortunately, the corporate lawyers knew this as well. Thus, their strategy was to delay and prevent a trial while David was still alive. We fought hard to stop their delaying tactics and won David his right to be heard in court.

I told the jury that David had paid the highest compliment any human being could give to a jury. He literally lived for their verdict. And if their verdict fully compensated him and his family, he would go to his grave knowing his lifework would be done.

A San Diego jury returned a $2.5 million award – still the largest asbestos damage award ever returned in San Diego County.

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If you have lost a loved one due to the negligent or reckless actions of another, you maybe able to pursue legal action against the party responsible. At Ritter & Associates, we are dedicated to protecting the livelihood of individuals and their families, and are here to help you if you have a wrongful death claim. Contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer with our firm today at (619) 296-0123 to discuss your legal options.

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