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San Diego Workplace Injury Attorneys

Americans spend most of their waking hours each workday on the job. With so much time spent at work, it is no surprise that many accidents and injuries occur in the workplace. While workers’ compensation benefits are often the appropriate means of addressing related needs, there are many cases in which an employer’s failure to uphold basic duties to employee safety may instead warrant legal action. Securing the compensation that you need can be an essential part of your recovery.

The legal team of Ritter & Associates has decades of experience and is prepared to handle even the most complicated workplace injury cases. We are firmly committed to the belief that all employees have a right to work in a safe occupational environment. When an employer endangers workers then it is necessary to hold them accountable. Speak with our San Diego personal injury attorneys about your potential case. Contact us today at (619) 296-0123.

When Suing May Be Appropriate

Workers’ compensation law is intended to be mutually beneficial for employers and workers. Employers are shielded from liability for employees’ work-related injuries and injured workers are not required to demonstrate that their employer was somehow at fault for their injury. However, these laws also reduce the amount of payments that may be made to an injured worker. These rules do not apply in a limited set of situations in which there were particularly egregious violations of safety standards. We are prepared to help clients to investigate the possible appropriateness of a civil lawsuit in the following cases:

An accident at work can raise a number of legal questions. A knowledgeable San Diego workplace injuries lawyer may be able to help you sort through these issues and identify your legal options. Through decisive legal action, you could hold your employer accountable for the medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages you experienced as a result of your accident.

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The tenacious San Diego workplace injuries lawyers of Ritter & Associates are committed to protecting the rights of injured workers. If you have been hurt on the job because of extraordinary circumstances, contact us by calling (619) 296-0123 today.

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