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Accident victims may suffer from devastating physical trauma in addition to severe emotional distress. Frustratingly, these problems can result in the need for costly medical attention and may leave the victim unable to work while they recover. This type of injustice should be met with aggressive legal action in order to hold the responsible party accountable for the innocent accident victim’s losses.

At Ritter & Associates, we have years of experience with personal injury law. Thus, we are prepared to work with clients to not only seek financial compensation, but also to address the larger issue of negligence. By carefully constructing a case against the responsible party as well as the act of negligence itself, you may be able to help protect people in the future from the same pain and suffering. Contact a San Diego personal injury attorney at Ritter & Associates today at (619) 296-0123 to learn more.

How We Can Help

The experienced team of San Diego personal injury lawyers at Ritter & Associates strives to protect the dignity of our clients while fighting to secure the financial compensation they need. We may be able to help you prove liability in accidents involving:

No one should have to suffer from the mistakes of another. Fortunately, with the help of a San Diego personal injury lawyer, you may be able to overcome this challenging time and move forward with your life.

Fighting For You

Personal injury and Negligent Misconduct

She was only 13 years old. She was bed-ridden, in a semi-comatose state. She could not speak. But the child’s love for her family was so strong that in her own way, she could communicate with them, especially her mother.

Once, the little girl had been a happy, thriving child. But a terrible car crash caused horrific spinal and traumatic brain injury. Afterward, the girl needed 24-hour-care and regular attempts to rehabilitate her condition.

She was an innocent who had already been victimized once. Then, while under care at a San Diego-based rehabilitation center, she was victimized again – sexually molested by an on-duty male nurse.

While the nurse was ultimately convicted in criminal court, her family sought an advocate with compassion and skill – Attorney Dwight Ritter. Our firm went to court to fight for justice for the family that had lost so much. We argued that the rehabilitation center also was at fault for laying the foundation for such unthinkable incidents to occur. We made the case that the center was understaffed and poorly supervised. These ingredients created the opportunity for this tragic crime to occur.

On behalf of this little girl’s mother, we obtained a substantial jury verdict, in the six figures. The jury recognized not only the injury to the child, but that the mother as well had suffered and would continue to suffer the outlandish and senseless insult caused to her defenseless and innocent child.

We took great pride in representing this child and her mother.  They needed our help in their time of need to right the wrongs of our society.  We are honored and privileged to have represented them against powers they could not have defeated by themselves. The righteousness of their cause coupled with our commitment, experience, and devotion made their victory inevitable.  We are proud to have represented them.

The Story of Karen Trusty

Karen Trusty was a trailblazer who wanted to rebuild San Diego, one piece of metal at a time. Karen became one of the first women who earned the right to become a skilled craftworker for the Plumbers and Pipefitters of America. Though she was a rarity in the male-dominated construction field, her skills earned her a reputation as tops in her field. She considered welding an art.

But bullies always find an excuse. One day on the worksite a male worker from another company treated her journeyman work with what proved to be dangerous carelessness. As Karen was assisting another employee in loading pipe, this man carelessly assaulted her by shoving the pipe and catching her finger between the pipe and a steel post. His carelessness resulted in her losing her finger. Her hand was ruined and disfigured, and she no longer had the strength in that dominant hand to weld as she did before.

Karen ended up having to wage another battle, to prove her lost skill deserved to be treated seriously. She found a lawyer who understood the importance of the permanent damage the industrial assault caused: Dwight Ritter.

“We tried that case to jury, and received a six-figure award,” said Ritter. “This was a case that most lawyers would not take, considering it too small. But our office knew Karen’s integrity and livelihood mattered. “

Ritter’s client refused to accept small monetary offers from the insurance company to settle. “We told the jury she was a hero to the ironworkers, and her community, She knew her loss was truly substantial and demand that a jury assess her damages.”

A human life and its ambitions cut short by assault – whether physical, threatened, industrial – has substantial value. The Trial Lawyers Association of San Diego presented an award to the Dwight Ritter for this case. Because most lawyers would consider this a rather small and insignificant case, but the plaintiff and her lawyer say this was big to her, that this was life altering.

If you or your loved ones suffer injuries or damages as the result of carelessness or criminal actions of others, call Dwight Ritter and Associates: Proven winners, fighting for you.

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The compassionate San Diego personal injury lawyers of Ritter & Associates are ready to protect the rights of those who have suffered in accidents caused by someone else’s negligence. If you or a loved one has been injured at the hands of a reckless individual, you may be in need of a lawyer to help you seek justice. Contact our offices at (619) 296-0123 to speak to a qualified attorney today.

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