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San Diego Assault & Battery Lawyer

From schoolyard bullies to predatory criminals, assault is a deadly real but all-too-common crime. Inside the legal system, the handling of assault and battery can be quite complex. Experienced attorney Dwight Ritter has proven success navigating the court system on behalf of many, many assault victims.

Ritter’s firm has won substantial judgments for victims, in recognition of the damage they have suffered. His expertise has aided victims of:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Sexual assault
  • Gender and domestic violence
  • Gun crimes

Common Questions

What is assault?

Assault can range from verbal threats to outright physical attacks resulting in death.

Is assault more than a criminal matter? 

Yes. The courts take the crime of assault so seriously, there is more involved than just criminal prosecution of an attacker. Victims can pursue justice through civil courts, to recover financially for damages they have suffered. While the courts cannot restore what was lost, with the help of skilled attorneys victims can receive the resources that help them live with dignity and with the recognition that for them, justice was done.

Who can be liable for an assault? 

The courts can punish more than just the perpetrator of violence and assault. Legally, people who aid and abet, counsel or encourage the assailant or assailants are liable, even if they did not physically harm the victim or victims.
Who else can have legal responsibility? In assault cases, often the owners of the property or business where the attack occurs can be held legally liable – including employers.

Fighting For You

Justice for surviving family of victim Rodney Johnson

Rodney Johnson was a young man with considerable energy and hope for his future – until a violent assault killed him. It happened one summer night in San Diego, as he and his buddies were running around in a friend’s backyard, the way millions of children do.

But their youthful fun soured a neighbor, who decided that even though a fence protected his yard, he wanted to scare the boys away. The neighbor used deadly force against the boys waving a gun at them and in the process shooting and killing Rodney. He was 18.

Thus a human life was lost over one man’s enforcement of an invisible property line. For the parents and siblings of Rodney Johnson, the permanent results of this brief assault will never leave them.

The insurance company of the negligent neighbor was unwilling to compensate Rodney Johnson’s family. Thus, the family of the dead teen had no choice but to gather the strength and fortitude to seek justice in court. Their faith and strong legal work won the day when a San Diego jury awarded a six-figure verdict as compensation for the negligent assault and death of a young man.

If you or your loved ones have been victims of assault and battery, call the experienced law firm of Ritter & Associates. What distinguishes his firm is that they take only the cases and the clients they can believe in, and pursue justice for. Ritter & Associates: Compassionate and tough. Contact us at (619) 296-0123 today.

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