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The Dangers of Road Defects

Due to the sheer volume of traffic on many of our roads and highways, many drivers will devote most of their attention to the vehicles maneuvering around them. To do so, however, is to assume that the road itself is safe and otherwise well-maintained. Unfortunately, that assumption too frequently is proven wrong, and road defects occasionally do contribute to car accidents. Aside from the potential of serious injury, road defects can cause significant property damage and leave individuals in financial straits.

As drivers, we depend on local municipalities and construction companies to maintain the safety of our roads. When that trust is broken and a car accident results, these entities may be held financially accountable for damages.

Common Road Defects

Car accidents resulting from road defects can be especially frustrating because they seem entirely avoidable. The following road defects commonly contribute to car accidents:

  • Potholes
  • Missing or inaccurate sings
  • Sudden shoulder drop-offs

Road defects can often be easily and quickly fixed, so it is inexcusable when the responsible entities fail to maintain the safety of our roadways. Fortunately, individuals who have been in car accidents as a result of a road defect may be eligible for financial restitution from the negligent party.

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