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Two Primary Pool Drain Injuries

All pools have drains as a part of their proper function and maintenance, although the size and number will vary depending on the type of pool. These drains are important because they filter water from the pool, removing dirt and other debris, while also treating it with the proper chemicals. Unfortunately, when not properly monitored or maintained, drains in pools can also become dangerous and cause a swimmer harm. Sadly, if a drain is powerful enough, it might even pull a swimmer underneath the water, causing them to drown.

Two Injuries

While many different types of injuries can occur because of pool drains, two primary classifications of these injuries exist. These include:

  • Drain Disembowelment. Otherwise known as evisceration, disembowelment can happen when a person’s intestines are pulled out, often because a pool drain is far too powerful.
  • Drain Entrapment. This injury often occurs when a part of a person becomes caught in a drain, such as hair or clothing. It can trap a person under the water and lead to drowning.

Whatever kind of injury is caused by pool drains, if a property owner is responsible for causing the danger, then you could be due financial compensation for your suffering.

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Swimming pools must be kept safe by their owners to prevent serious injuries from occurring to innocent visitors. If the above or other pool drain injuries have afflicted you or someone that you love, then the experienced attorneys of Ritter & Associates are here to help. Call (619) 296-0123 to talk about your situation and discuss what action might be best for you to take.

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