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Unsafe Pool Decking

Many swimming pools have some form of deck surrounding them. This decking can provide important and safe spaces for swimmers to enter and exit the pool, or to walk around it. However, some decking is built unsafely or is not properly maintained by its owner, causing hazardous conditions for pool visitors. Sadly, such unsafe pool decking might even result in significant injuries to pool users, something for which the pool owner or manager may be held responsible.

Dangers of Decking

When property owners are negligent in the installation and/or maintenance of their pool decking, serious injuries can affect innocent patrons. Some examples of negligence in maintaining safe decks include:

  • Uneven pool decking leading to trips and falls
  • Overly slippery decking
  • Worn / rotted wood in pool decking
  • Water damage to decking
  • Barriers on decking

All of these conditions could make pool deck more unsafe for people, which in turn may increase the chances of a serious accident occurring. Such accidents might be considered the financial liability of the pool owner, who could be found negligent in the upkeep or installation of his or her pool decking.

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Pool-related injuries can be scary and can cause both physical and financial strain on a victim and their family. However, if you or your loved one has suffered injury because of unsafe pool decking, then you could receive financial and legal assistance with your case. Speak with the experienced attorneys of Ritter & Associates today about the potential legal actions you can take against the negligent property owner responsible for the accident by calling (619) 296-0123.

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