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Man seriously injured in highway hit-and-run

A man was seriously injured yesterday on Interstate 805 after being hit by a car that did not stop to assist him.

The man’s vehicle had broken down in the southbound lanes of the highway at around 2:30 am on Wednesday. Searching for help, he crossed into the northbound lanes, where another motorist struck him and continued driving, leaving him there.

The California Highway Patrol is searching for the driver responsible for this tragic accident. hit by a car

Reports indicate that another passing motorist called the authorities. When they arrived, they packed up the seriously injured pedestrian and rushed him to a nearby hospital. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 80% of people struck by cars traveling at 40 mph die from their injuries. When cars exceed 50mph, the fatality rate in these kinds of accidents is 100%. Considering this accident occurred on a freeway, this man is lucky to have survived.

This tragic accident outlines the need for increased awareness of how to stay safe as a pedestrian. If you have suffered serious injuries at the hands of a negligent or reckless driver, contact the experienced car accident attorneys of Ritter & Associates to find out if you have a case.

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