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Yacht race deaths could lead to wrongful death lawsuit

Two families may become entwined in a wrongful death lawsuit after an as of yet unexplained boating accident took the lives of four men.

maritime wrongful deathTheofanis Mavromatis’ yacht, the Aegean, was found dashed to bits on April 28 this year. He and his three crew members were killed in the accident, whose cause has not been adequately explained to the families, while participating in a race from Newport Beach, California to Ensenada, Mexico. While the U.S. Coast Guard continues to investigate what happened, race organizer US Sailing concluded that the ship ran aground on North Coronado Island.

Kevin Rudolph was one of the crewmen on the yacht. His survivors served Mavromatis’ family with a “notice of petition” last Wednesday. This notice is often the first step in filing a wrongful death suit. The Rudolphs filed these papers after Mavromatis’ wife informed them that there was insurance on the yacht, and suggested they attempt to make a claim on it.

Even though filing these papers is the first step to accomplishing getting a fair share of the insurance funds, the Mavromatis family is worried it will lead to further litigation, that can result in the Rudolphs snatching control of the Mavromatis’ estate.

Legal experts claimed that there is a good chance that this dispute will become a full-blown lawsuit, especially if an agreement is not reached quickly enough.

Cruise ship crashes off of Italian coast

Last Friday, a cruise ship crashed off of the coast of Italy when it hit some rocks that the boat’s captain says were not on his map.  The ship was operated by Costa Cruises.

According to the cruise ship company, the captain caused the maritime accident by veering off of course, too close to the rocky coastline.  Officials believe that 6 people died in the accident, and 10 passengers and 6 crew members are missing.

The cruise began just hours before the ship crashed, and the boat’s 4,200 passengers and staff had not yet gone over what to do in the case of an emergency.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families and friends after this devastating accident.

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