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Uber driver sues Taco Bell executive for assault

A Taco Bell marketing executive has lost his job after a video of him drunkenly assaulting his Uber driver went viral.

Costa Mesa police identified the passenger as 32-year-old Benjamin Golden and arrested him on charges of assault and public intoxication. The driver, Edward Caban, has since quit his job with the ride-sharing service and is now seeking $25,000 in damages in a civil lawsuit.

The dashcam video taken by Caban reveals Golden in the backseat appearing intoxicated, even toppling over at one point when the vehicle turns. Caban eventually pulls over and repeatedly tells Golden that the ride was over because he seemed to drunk to give him directions. Golden refuses, starts an argument, and then violently hits the Uber driver multiple times.

Golden has since said he is “hugely remorseful” and is now seeking counseling.

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