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Starbucks ordered to pay San Diego man $7.5 million

A San Diego man will be receiving $7.5 million as a result of a slip and fall lawsuit he brought against the national company, Starbucks.

The reason for the lawsuit stems from a slip and fall accident that occurred at a San Diego Starbucks. The man had placed his order and was walking towards the area where he was to receive that order when he slipped on the wet floor. He hit his head, ultimately causing head trauma and numerous complications.

These complications resulted in the man being unable to return to work as a chiropractor and financially support his family. The jury in the case determined that the Starbucks manager had acted negligently when deciding to mop the floors at a time when there were customers present. The jury ruled in favor of the slip and fall victim and awarded him and his family $7.5 million.

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