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Many of California’s dangerous intersections are in L.A.

While Los Angeles, California has put real effort into becoming less dependent on automobiles for daily transportation, a local law firm still found that the city is outpacing others in the Golden State for their number of vehicular accidents.

According to the report, Los Angeles has 221 of the 444 most dangerous intersections in California, including eight of the top 10 and 17 of the top 20. In short, a whopping 90% of the most dangerous intersections in California can be found in Southern California where LA is located.

The top spot for most dangerous is taken by the intersection at Devonshire and Reseda, where 41 injuries were listed across 24 accidents in 2015—luckily, none were fatalities. Second place goes to the intersection at Dockweiler Beach of Imperial Highway and Vista Del Mar.

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Ramona man pleads guilty to drunk driving that caused San Diego fatal accident

Fifty-one-year-old Ramona, California resident Roy Dunkin made a guilty plea to driving drunk and causing a fiery two-vehicle collision on Friday, November 4 along State Route 67 on August 20, 2016, that killed 24-year-old Lucas Riley.

According to Deputy District Attorney Cally Bright, Dunkins will spend five years and 10 months of an 11-year, 8-month sentence in prison, based on how the law is set up.

According to court documents, Dunkin initially drove past a stop light, causing a collision with another vehicle and injuring three people. He then proceeded to drive along California State Route 67 and veered off the roadway before crashed head-on into Riley’s Mini Cooper; Riley became trapped inside his car while flames enveloped his vehicle, with Bright noting, “[Riley] literally had no chance.”

Riley, who was a graduate of San Diego’s Point Loma Nazarene University, died at the scene of the accident.

Riley’s father, Mark, said laws regarding DUIs should be strengthened, noting, “We have a cultural problem, so what has to happen, is the law has to be put in perspective with what is happening. These are murders. These are not accidents. These are willful incidents. Unfortunately, they keep happening.”

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Texas civil claim against GM to proceed despite attempts to have the case thrown out

General Motors attempted to derail a suit filed against them for defective ignition switches that allegedly lead to the death of 19-year-old Zachary Stevens (Texas). During the trial, jurors were mistakenly shown copies of the wrong key  as evidence. GM argued that the plaintiff intentionally presented the incorrect key to mislead the jury. However, Judge Robert Shaffer, who presides over the case, ruled that the mistake was insufficient to throw out the case. Rather, he stated that he would inform the jury members personally about the error and allow them to take it into account while deliberating. The trial is still underway.

GM has spent $2 billion dollars to date fighting allegations about their faulty ignition switches. Stevens’ case is the first that the company has been unable to get dismissed.

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Santa Barbara two-vehicle accident shuts down highway

A two-vehicle accident occurred around 12:20 p.m. on Friday, August 5 in the northbound lanes of San Antonio Creek Road along Highway 154. The collision near Santa Barbara resulted in one individual sustaining critical injuries.

According to preliminary investigations made by the California Highway Patrol, a recreational vehicle and at least one other automobile collided with each other along the highway. The driver of the passenger car is the one who sustained serious injuries. Highway 154 was shut down in both directions following the incident. Captain Dave Zaniboni of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department said the injured driver was trapped inside his wrecked car and then taken to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital by an ambulance from American Medical Response. The people inside the RV were not harmed during the incident.

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Vehicle carrying Boy Scouts kills one

49-year-old Raul Cadena lost his life when the SUV he was occupying flipped over on Saturday, June 11 a on the northbound lane of State Route 79. The SUV was carrying five passengers to Santa Ysabel at around 9:13 a.m. The crash occurred about a mile and a half south of State Route 76 near Lake Henshaw, a report from the San Diego Medical Examiner’s Office showed.

According to the preliminary investigations, the SUV veered from the roadway and crashed into a tree, causing injury to the other four occupants of the vehicle, including two Boy Scouts. Cadena was the front-seat passenger of the vehicle involved in the accident. Kevin Pearlstein of the California Highway Patrol said the vehicle’s right rear tire had tire separation, causing “the driver to over-correct and the vehicle to go off the roadway and strike a tree.”

The thoughts and condolences of the attorneys at Ritter & Associates are with the family and Boy Scout troop as they mourn their loss and recover.

Single-vehicle accident kills one, injures four

One individual was killed and four others, including two Boy Scouts, sustained injuries after a single-vehicle rollover accident along state Route 79, near Lake Henshaw in San Diego County, California. The accident occurred around 9:15 a.m. on Saturday, June 11.

California Highway Patrol officials said their investigators are still trying to find out what factors contributed to the crash. California Fire Captain Kendal Bortisser said one adult was declared dead at the scene of the accident, two adults were brought to the hospital by an ambulance, and the two San Diego-based Boy Scouts were airlifted via Mercy Air helicopter to receive treatment at a local hospital. The victims had to be extricated from the vehicle by rescue teams. Public traffic was closed on all lanes of the highway to facilitate the rescue and were reopened at 2 p.m.

The attorneys at Ritter & Associates are saddened to hear of the tragic blow to the San Diego community. Our thoughts and condolences are with the victims of this accident.

Caitlyn Jenner reaches settlement with woman after PCH collision

Sixty-six-year-old television personality and retired Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner has reached a settlement with Jessica Steindorf, the driver of the Prius that was involved in the four-vehicular pileup that happened in February 2015 along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California and resulted in one fatality.

According to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Jenner was not charged with a crime at the time because she “was traveling at a speed slightly below posted speed limit and minimally slower than victim” and it was not believed that Jenner committed any moving traffic offenses.

In a statement given the day after the accident, Jenner said: “It is a devastating tragedy and I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time…I will continue to cooperate in any way possible.”

Our attorneys at Ritter & Associates in San Diego, California work for victims of car accidents caused by the negligence of others. We can help you pursue compensation for you injuries while you focus on your recovery. To learn more, call our offices today at (619) 296-0123.

San Diego pileup accident involved serious injuries

Several drivers and their passengers were injured when a pileup accident at a Clairemont intersection occurred. Two drivers were trapped inside of their vehicles when the accident crumpled their cars inward, leading to severe injuries. The accident occurred on Genesee Avenue around 1:30 p.m. Officials reported that a southbound driver did not yield to a line of stationary vehicles at a stoplight, resulting in multiple collisions.

There were seven vehicles involved in the accident, including SUVs and trucks. There were an additional three sedans in the crash. Emergency responders spent half an hour freeing a man and woman trapped in their respective vehicles.

Two victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment of their major injuries, while multiple others received medical attention for more minor injuries. Roadways near the accident scene remained blocked by emergency vehicles and debris until the evening.

At Ritter & Associates, our San Diego car accident attorneys understand that being in a collision creates a high stress situation. If you were left with medical expenses and lost wages due to injuries you sustained in an accident, contact our office to find out if you are eligible for compensation from the responsible party. Call us at (619) 296-0123 today.

Suspected drunk driver plows into a family coming from dinner

One person is dead and two people are injured after a 21-year-old suspected drunk driver without her lights on plowed into a family leaving a dinner in Lakeside on Sept. 25. The accident happened around 8:17 p.m. on Woodside Avenue. A man, his girlfriend, and his parents had just left dinner at La Palapa Mexican Restaurant when a Toyota Yaris plowed into them. According to witnesses, the driver of the Toyota did not have her light on and was driving exceptionally fast.

The two parents and the DUI suspect were all taken to the UC San Diego Trauma Center where they received treatment for their injuries. The father sustained major injuries, and it was confirmed that the mother passed away from her injuries after the collision. The driver was released after a day in the hospital and was charged with felony DUI and murder. She is currently detained at Las Colinas Detention Facility.

San Diego Driver Causes Fiery Crash

A fatal accident in Bay Park on August 22 left two passengers dead. The crash was caused due to an intoxicated driver that failed to properly maneuver the S-curves on Friars Road. The vehicle swerved and hit a boulder before bursting into flames. The fire spread to the surrounding area and was responsible for the death of a dog close to the accident.

The two women in the car, whose identities will not be released, were pronounced dead at the scene and their families were contacted. The driver sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment. He is expected to be arrested upon his release from the hospital.

Drunk drivers cause thousands of deaths every year due to their reckless and dangerous behavior. While nothing can alleviate the pain of losing someone you care for, there are legal options available for you to seek justice. If your loved one was injured or fell victim to a fatal accident caused by a drunk driver, contact the car accident attorneys at Ritter & Associates by calling (619) 296-0123 today.

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