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2 injured in accident caused by suspected drunk driver

This weekend, 2 people were injured in an accident which police believe was caused by a drunk driver.  Police arrested the 54-year old driver of a 1998 Ford Contour on the suspicion of driving under the influence after he drove off of a 15-foot embankment, injuring the 2 passengers in his vehicle.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the driver was traveling eastbound on Wienert Road when he failed to turn the vehicle around a curve, locking its brakes, and sending the vehicle down a dirt embankment and into the ground.

The 2 injured passengers are from Herber, California.  A family member was able to arrive at the scene of the accident and take them to a San Diego hospital before emergency crews could get there.

One of the passengers, 49, was released from the hospital on Saturday.  The other injured passenger, 34, was reported to have suffered major facial injuries.

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