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Dangers of Above Ground Swimming Pools

As the summer weather is coming to an end, people are beginning to cover their above ground  swimming pools and prepare for the cold weather that is fast approaching. However, before winter is completely here, many owners of above ground pools are trying to get the most use out of their pools.

Above ground swimming pools are ideal for individuals who are looking for a way to cool down, but have a small amount of space in their backyard. These types of pools are relatively easy to install, but can pose serious risks and dangers. Ladders and small decks are often constructed near the above ground pools in order for people to have easy entrance to the pool. When these areas become covered in water, slip and fall hazards are increased. Several injuries can result from a slip and fall accident near an above ground pool, including spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and death by drowning.

Recent examples of tragic above ground pool accidents highlight the necessary precautions that should be used in homes with these specific pools. An incident involving an 18-month old girl drowning in an above ground pool was reported in Modesto. The young girl’s mother was in their pool when she began screaming for help once she noticed that her toddler had been under water for far too long. The woman’s husband attempted to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but it was unsuccessful. Police classified this tragic death as a terrible accident.


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