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Spread of California Wildfires Cause Nearby Homes to Evacuate

A wildfire that is currently ripping through the hills of Santa Barbara caused the residents of nearly 100 nearby homes to evacuate. Luckily, the somewhat low winds, and a powerful attack from fire officials by land and air, helped to keep the fire contained. Residents were able to return to their homes later that day.

According to fire officials, the fire broke out along Highway 154 and within two hours, it spread nearly 25 acres. The fire captain told the Associated Press that the wind was not as strong as usual and they were working to drop water onto the fire as well as establish ‘fire lines’ in order to keep the fire from continuing to tear through the brush.

This area overlooks Santa Barbara and is the same place that a fire broke out in 1990 that destroyed 550 homes and left one person dead. Fire crews used four helicopters, two air tankers, and water hoses in order to contain the flames. The tankers dropped orange fire retardants on top of the fire and 16 fire trucks were used on the ground to spray the flames with water.

The founder and director of a local yoga retreat saw the fire erupt and begin to spread. Fortunately, the flames were heading away from the retreat and this gave the 35 attendees a chance to pack up their vehicles and leave the area. One firefighter suffered a leg injury, which has been described as minor, while fighting the 50 foot flames.

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