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October Represents National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October represents not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the country, but it also has an objective to raise awareness for another serious issue, domestic violence.

You have probably seen pink ribbons and other pink items worn this month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but if you have noticed the color purple, this is symbol for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and it is worn in order to promote knowledge about domestic violence so that it can be stopped.

In the United States, nearly 12.7 million  men and women are the victims of domestic violence a year and this means that they are either emotionally or physically abused, raped or stalked by their intimate partner. The ribbon is worn in order to remind people of a moral duty to prevent events like this from occurring.

The color purple is chosen for this month because it represents honor, dedication, courage, and survival. Domestic violence month mourns the loss of those who have lost their lives to this and other crimes.

The efforts of this month work to educate community members on the serious issues as well as increase the resources that a domestic violence victim has so that he or she can get out of the dangerous situation. U.S. Congress deemed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in 1989. It is important for people to know that domestic violence does not just  mean physical abuse, but also includes threats, humiliation, jealousy, and isolation.

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Coach on Leave After Boys Claim Sexual Assault by Team Members

Assault and battery are serious issues in the U.S. that can occur in many forms ranging from a physical fight to a verbal attack.  It is not only the physical harm that can cause damage to a person, but emotional pain can be just as scarring. No matter what type of assault occurs, it should never be ignored and victims should have a chance to fight for justice.

A recent case at a Southern California high school has brought an egregious sexual assault case to the media’s attention. The boy’s team soccer coach is currently on leave after four boys on the team claimed that they were victims of a sexual assault hazing ritual that was led by other team members.

According to a Los Angeles news station, the incident occurred last spring when four freshmen boys made the varsity team at La Puente High School and were sexually assaulted by older teammates in a room right by the coach’s office.

Representation for the plaintiffs said that the boys’ soccer coach, “lured young boys to a back room to facilitate varsity members of the team sexually assaulting the boys by attempting to sodomize them with a foreign object.” Four suspects were arrested for assault against children, they have all been released at this time.

Representation also claims that the school knew or should have known of the incident and if they did know, they may be guilty of covering up the hazing incident. Police officials stated that the hazing events may have been going on for years. Over 70 people have now been interviewed in regards to this case including past and present students.

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