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Philanthropist dies after psychiatrist over-prescribes psychotropic drugs

The death of Phyllis Harvey, a former model, is the subject of a medical board review and a wrongful death lawsuit.

Her psychiatrist, Dr. Alexander Bystritsky, is being accused of prescribing her with strong doses of psychotropic drugs while soliciting funds from her to further his research. Harvey contributed nearly $500,000 to Bystritsky’s research while under his care.

Bystritsky told Harvey, a known philanthropist, that he could potentially cure her undiagnosed mental condition with a machine he has been working on in conjunction with UCLA and Harvard. In the meantime, he had her on several medications including Seroquel, a powerful psychotropic drug that is known to alter a person’s heart rate. He continued treating her with Seroquel, even after her physicians took her off of it during an emergency room visit. She later died of sudden cardiac death.

Considering a lawsuit after losing someone through the negligent actions of another person is not easy, but is sometimes the only way to feel a sense of justice after the fact. The San Diego wrongful death lawyers of Ritter & Associates commend Brian Harvey’s bravery in seeking justice after losing his wife.

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