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Fatal Bicycle Accidents On The Rise in Los Angeles

Bicyclists in Los Angeles, California are realizing how dangerous this form of transportation can be after a study came out revealing that bicyclists account for 2.8 percent of all fatal crash victims in the city. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, and the data gathered from the study showed that the percentage of fatalities that were attributed to bicycle accidents were more than double the percentage of fatalities that occur in car accidents across the nation.

Researchers connected to the study correlated the rise in the number of fatal bicycle accidents to the increase in population throughout Los Angeles. When there are more people residing in a city, there are more opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists to come in contact with motor vehicles. Numerous bicyclists in the city have experienced accidents first-hand, and believe that they are almost invisible to individuals behind the wheel of motor vehicles.

Fatal accidents involving pedestrians were also higher in Los Angeles than they were throughout the United States. The University of Michigan study found that 32 percent of all fatal accidents in Los Angeles involved pedestrians in some way, compared to 22 percent nationwide. The study was conducted in order to determine if there are trends in these types of fatal accidents so that policymakers can find possible solutions. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, in 2010, 4,191 bicyclists were involved in collisions with motor vehicles in Los Angeles.

Bicycle accidents can cause a bicyclist to sustain serious injuries. If you were involved in an accident while you were riding your bicycle, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. Please contact the bicycle accident lawyers of Ritter & Associates by calling 619-296-0123 today.

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