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California Supreme Court choosing to hear Yelp review appeal

The California Supreme Court ruled last Wednesday, September 21 that the court should hear the appeal of a lawsuit filed against San Francisco-based customer review website Yelp. A San Francisco law firm filed the initial lawsuit against Yelp, who says this case can spell the difference between free and controlled speech.

Yelp says if the initial 2013 ruling made by Judge Donald Sullivan is implemented, it will create a precedent for businesses or private companies to ask the courts to have negative reviews against them taken down, even if said reviews are legitimate. Sullivan’s ruling ordered Yelp to take down a negative review of the suing law firm,

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Sparta, New Jersey debates report about carcinogen in water

A report released on Tuesday, September 20 by the advocacy organization Environmental Working Group said as many as 90% of public water systems in the United States contain the carcinogen chromium-6, which could endanger the lives of more than 200 million Americans.

Local and state officials, however, disagree about conclusions drawn out  by the report. Sparta Mayor Christine Quinn said to the New Jersey Herald in an email on Thursday, September 22: “It is my understanding that the source of the recent [report] circulating regarding Chromium-6 in drinking water is a study performed by an advocacy group that elected to develop its own contamination levels, rather than utilizing actual Federal EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] drinking water standards.”

Because of their stricter standards, the group may have caused “findings and a level of public concern that are not based on any currently established regulations,” Quinn said. New Jersey and other states still have no chromium-6 standards of their own and they are currently following the federal limit of 100 parts per billion, which covers not only chromium-6, but also chromium-3, which is a naturally occurring metal found in small rocks.

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San Diego passes $1M payout to man run over by Balboa Park ranger

The San Diego City Council approved a $1 million payout to 52-year-old Derrick Marable on Tuesday, September 13, including an undisclosed amount to his attorneys. Marable is receiving compensation after Balboa Park ranger Carol Rukstells ran over him while he was sleeping on a slope near the 1800 block of Sixth Avenue on the edge of the park.

The city council decided on July 19, 2016 in a private session they would award Marable with settlement money. They also gave consent to award other settlements – to a police officer and to two other people needing to settle personal injury claims – on Tuesday. Marable claimed he was severely injured as a result of this accident and that he suffered injuries to the kidney and lung, broken ribs, other fractured vertebrae, significant blood loss leading to shock, and a lacerated liver.


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Spectators sue Major League Baseball for lack of safety netting in sporting arenas

A lawsuit was recently filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against the MLB for allegedly failing to install safety netting that could protect spectators from getting injured when balls accidentally hit them.

The plaintiffs claim that the defendants are guilty of negligence and misrepresentation. They added that they are exposing the spectators of the sport to unnecessary harm, referencing a Ninth Circuit decision that says holding the fear or anxiety of future harm is enough to establish injury-in-fact.

The MLB contended, on the other hand, that the injury rate per ticket is less than 1%, meaning the chance of injury is very slim. Therefore, the plaintiffs have failed to establish an imminent danger of injury. Similar litigation involving hockey has set the bar for injury very high. Even in the most extreme cases, the hockey team and the National Hockey League are usually absolved of liability because of the argument that sporting fans are aware of the possibility of injury when attending such sporting events. As long as teams, arenas, and leagues warn spectators of the possibility of injury when coming to said sporting events, they are usually not held responsible for injuries to spectators.

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California outlaws admission of country of origin evidence in personal injury lawsuits

California Governor Jerry Brown, Jr. on Wednesday, August 17 enacted into law a measure that outlaws the admission or discovery of evidence related to a person’s immigration status, in wrongful death and personal injury cases.

Assembly Bill 2159, which was supported by state Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (Democrat of San Diego), effectively overturns a 30-year-old court case, Rodriguez v. Kline, that assesses future damages for plaintiffs illegally working in the United States at what they would have earned from the country they came from instead of what they would have earned in the state of California had they not been injured.

The Rodriguez v. Kline decision set the precedent for defendants in personal injury cases to compute compensation for medical expenses based on medical care costs in the plaintiff’s place of origin rather than the cost of medical care in California, since the plaintiff should not have been living in the country anyway because he is living in the country illegally.

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