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Cloud-based safety technology to be introduced in Volvos

Somewhere on the snow-laden roads of Sweden, Volvo is testing its new cloud-based safety technology. Intended to warn other Volvo drivers of dangerous road conditions, this vehicle-to-vehicle communication system automatically uploads information gathered by vehicle sensors to a Volvo server. Almost instantly, the Volvo server passes that information on to other Volvos in the area that are also equipped with this same technology.

Incorporating data from wheel sensors and the vehicle’s hazard lights, Volvo’s system will use GPS markers to warn other drivers of potentially dangerous road conditions moments after one of its equipped vehicles indicates its presence. While it’s not likely that anyone in San Diego will be so concerned with black ice, this system can help warn drivers of virtually any hazardous condition by simply turning on their hazard lights.

Volvo’s system is tentatively scheduled to roll out sometime in 2016, but there is considerable interest in the automotive industry to build vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems that are far more complex than Volvo’s. Though the advances made in vehicle safety technology are likely to prevent a broad spectrum of accidents, many of these technologies are still somewhere on the horizon.

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