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Berkeley balcony collapse kills 6, injures 7

Early morning of June 16, a group of Irish and Irish-American young adults were celebrating a birthday when the balcony they were on detached and careened the party down the stucco apartment building. The balcony fell onto pavement below, killing six and injuring seven. Of the six deceased, five were visiting from Ireland.

Berkeley is a hub for Irish transfer students that come over for a college semester. There are reportedly around 700 Irish students that work and play around the bay area each summer before heading back to respective Irish colleges in the fall.

Investigators of the accident are still looking for the source of the collapse. They will be inquiring about the safety regulations of the apartment building and whether there was overcrowding on the balcony among other factors. Berkeley officials claim the balcony is meant to hold 100 pounds per square foot.

Engineering crews working on the scene inspected the break off point, noticing the broken beams and rotted wood falling away from the building. The balcony was cantilevered out from the apartment with no additional support. These factors would make it susceptible to dry rot and weathering.

Negligent and dangerous premises should be held accountable for the injuries and wrongful deaths their property causes individuals.

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